Expedition food

While in cities and towns accommodation is on a bed and breakfast basis leaving you free to explore and choose where to take lunches and dinners. However, group dinners are often suggested by our guides, which you are welcome to join.
While in the mountains we use the services of local cooks who are used to western tastes and standards of hygiene, or alternately the guide will cook with some help from clients. They will produce a variety of western and local dishes made from locally purchased supplies. On the mountain we usually eat some boil in the bag and dehydrated meals, along with a variety of drinks, sweets, cereal bars and chocolates. These are usually a mix of locally purchased foods and those taken out from Britain according to availability and variety in the destination country. Clients usually prepare meals and drinks in tent groups while climbing on the mountain.
We can cater for those with specialist dietary requirements, so long as we are informed of these at the time of booking.

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