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It is a condition, that to come on one of our expeditions you must be adequately covered by travel insurance for rescue, medical and repatriation costs for the activities we are undertaking.

Most polices that will do this will also invariably cover your personal equipment against theft, you against death or permanent disability and some level of cover for delays and last minute cancellation of your trip due to personal medical problems.
For these reasons we recommend you take out travel insurance for the duration of the trip when you book it.

Due to recent changes in the law regarding the sale of travel insurance we are no longer offering policies for sale, but you can find the appropriate cover by visiting or or an insurer of your choice. We will need to be sent a copy of your travel insurance documents before the trip commences.

Monte Bove

Last successfully climbed in 2011. Join for the fifth ascent of the mountain. Dates are 7/3 to 29/3 for 2020.

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